Downtown Fullerton

Harbor Blvd, between Chapman Ave. and Santa Fe Avenue.
Fullerton, CA (map)
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Downtown Fullerton has gone through a steady revitalization for over 20 years, with new shops, restaurants, sidewalk cafes, upscale apartments and entertainment venues springing up.


Besides retail, Fullerton's downtown has such cultural icons as Plummer Auditorium, Downtown Plaza, and the Museum Center.  The district also has governmental, financial and religious institutions, as well as a dynamic regional transportation hub.


At the same time, downtown retains a rustic, small town charm with dozens of historic buildings, ornate sidewalks and beautiful shade trees.



Downtown is an epicurean experience with local restaurants serving up American, Mexican, Italian, Irish, and Asian cuisine.


Santa Fe District

Located on the south side of downtown, this district features the Fullerton Railway Plaza, the historic Santa Fe Depot, and beautiful stretches of land filled with wide walkways and hundreds of trees.


SOCO District

The latest addition to downtown, The SOCO (South of Commonwealth) District is the retail area along Santa Fe Avenue, between Fullerton Transportation Center and Heroes restaurant.


Villa del Sol

Once a small, elegant boutique hotel, Villa del Sol is now a collection of shops, salons, restaurants, cafes, and old-fashion offices.  Built in 1922, the Spanish-style building has a courtyard, with lush vegetation and dribbling fountain, which people can enjoy walking through.